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List of all Museums
Berardo Foundation - Jardins da Quinta
The Quinta do Monte Palace is situated in a privileged zone of the high bay of Funchal, known in the nineteenth century as a major summer resort.
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Casa das Mudas Arts Center
The Arts Center Casa das Mudas was designed by the architect Paul David, named to the 2005 edition of the European prize for contemporary architecture, Mies van der Rohe.
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Columbus House - Museum of Porto Santo
The Columbus House - Museum of Porto Santo is installed on an articulated set of buildings, now standardized by the works of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
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Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz
The Museum of Electricity "Casa da Luz” is installed in the space of the old Power Station of Funchal, opened in 1897th.
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Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum
The Municipality of Funchal acquired in 1966 from the heirs of sculptor Francisco Franco, a part of his estate.
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House - Museum Frederico de Freitas
The House-Museum Frederico de Freitas, of imposing proportions and bright red colour is a striking presence on the steep Sidewalk of Santa Clara.
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IVBAM Museological Nucleus
The building where is today installed the Wine Institute, Embroidery and Handicrafts was the former headquarters of the Guild of Industrial Embroidery of Madeira.
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Madeira Ethnographic Museum
The Museum is located on property that belonged, in the early seventeenth century, to the convent of Santa Clara in Funchal.
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Madeira Military Museum
The exhibition aims to raise people’s attention and awareness towards the importance of the role played by the Madeira Island in Portuguese military history.
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Madeira Story Center
The Madeira Story Center, and Historical Interpretation Centre, opened in 2005.
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Madeira Theme Park
The Theme Park in Santana, opened in October 2004, is divided into multiple nucleus and includes many attractions for young and old.
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Madeira Whale Museum
The museum opened on September 2nd of 2011 and holds a permanent exhibition, as well as other educational and research activities.
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Madeira Wine Company
The Cellars of São Francisco, "The Blandy Wine Lodges" have an interesting exhibition area.
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Museum Nucleus - Lime Route
Rota da Cal (lime route) was ranked in 2005 by the Regional Government of Madeira as a Regional Public Interest heritage.
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Museum Nucleus Mary Jane Wilson
Small museum, consisting of five rooms, which attempts to present the life and work of Sister Mary Jane Wilson (1840-1916).
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Museum of Contemporary Art - Fortress Sã
The construction of the fortress of São Tiago must have begun around 1614, as can be seen in the inscription on the primitive gate.
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Natural History Museum of Funchal
The Natural History Museum is the oldest museum in operation in the archipelago of Madeira.
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Palace of São Lourenço
Under a determination of D. Manuel I, King of Portugal, it was decided to build a fortress in 1513.
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Quinta das Cruzes Museum
Quinta das Cruzes is one of the largest “quintas“ with historic tradition in the bay of Funchal.
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The Arte Sacra Museum of Funchal
The Arte Sacra Museum of Funchal is located in the former Bishop's Palace, founded by D. Luis Figueiredo de Lemos, in 1594.
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Source:  DRAC Madeira - Direcção Regional dos Assuntos Culturais
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