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Museum Nucleus Mary Jane Wilson

Rua do Carmo, 59-61 | 9050-019 Funchal
The Museum Nucleus Mary Jane Wilson is a small museum, consisting of five rooms, which attempts to present the life and work of Sister Mary Jane Wilson (1840-1916), founder of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias and various educational institutions, religious and meritorious in Madeira Island.

The first room is dedicated to the life and work of Sister Mary Jane Wilson.

A second area is a prayer hall, dedicated to her conversion to Catholicism. The third and fourth rooms are dedicated to the development of her work as a nurse and founder of social and charitable works, including when the outbreak of smallpox occurred in Madeira in 1906.

In the last room it is presented an estimated reconstruction of a room with a collection of drawings of English landscapes made by her in the 50s of the nineteenth century, and Mary Jane Wilson’s personal objects, as testimony to her life.

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